Kafka-UI Project Roadmap

Roadmap exists in a form of a GitHub project board and is located here.

How to use this document

The roadmap provides a list of features we decided to prioritize in project development. It should serve as a reference point to understand projects' goals.

We do prioritize them based on the feedback from the community, our own vision, and other conditions and circumstances.

The roadmap sets the general way of development. The roadmap is mostly about long-term features. All the features could be re-prioritized, rescheduled, or canceled.

If there's no feature X, that doesn't mean we're not going to implement it. Feel free to raise the issue for consideration. If a feature you want to see live is not present on the roadmap, but there's an issue with the feature, feel free to vote for it using reactions to the issue.

How to contribute

Since the roadmap consists mostly of big long-term features, implementing them might be not easy for a beginner outside collaborator.

A good starting point is checking the contributing article.

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