• Configuration wizard — configure your Kafka clusters right in the UI

  • Multi-Cluster Management — monitor and manage all your clusters in one place

  • Performance Monitoring with Metrics Dashboard — track key Kafka metrics with a lightweight dashboard

  • View Kafka Brokers — view topic and partition assignments, controller status

  • View Kafka Topics — view partition count, replication status, and custom configuration

  • View Consumer Groups — view per-partition parked offsets, combined and per-partition lag

  • Browse Messages — browse messages with JSON, plain text, and Avro encoding

  • Dynamic Topic Configuration — create and configure new topics with dynamic configuration

  • Configurable Authentification — secure your installation with optional Github/Gitlab/Google OAuth 2.0

  • Custom serialization/deserialization plugins - use a ready-to-go serde for your data like AWS Glue or Smile, or code your own!

  • Role-based access control - manage permissions to access the UI with granular precision

  • Data masking - obfuscate sensitive data in topic messages

  • ODD Integration — Explore and monitor kafka related metadata changes in OpenDataDiscovery platform

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