Basic (username password) authentication

Basic Authentication

Role-based access control

RBAC (Role based access control)

OAuth 2



See this example.

Active Directory (LDAP)

See this example.


Planned, see #478

Smart filters syntax

Variables bound to groovy context: partition, timestampMs, keyAsText, valueAsText, header, key (json if possible), value (json if possible).

JSON parsing logic:

Key and Value (if they can be parsed to JSON) they are bound as JSON objects, otherwise bound as nulls.

Sample filters:

  1. keyAsText != null && keyAsText ~"([Gg])roovy" - regex for key as a string

  2. value.name == "iS.ListItemax" && value.age > 30 - in case value is json

  3. value == null && valueAsText != null - search for values that are not nulls and are not json

  4. headers.sentBy == "some system" && headers["sentAt"] == "2020-01-01"

  5. multiline filters are also allowed:

def name = value.name
def age = value.age
name == "iliax" && age == 30

Can I use the app as API?

Yes, you can. Swagger declaration is located here.

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